2 St Barbara – Atlantic Gold


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Project Details:

Location: Nova Scotia
Resource: Gold
Services: 43-101 2014 PEA, 2015 Feasibility Stud, 2018 Pre-feasibility Study, 2016-2018 Commissioning and Engineering Support
Year: 2016-2021

Project Scope:

  • Scoping Studies
  • 43-101 PEA – 2014 PEA
  • 43-101 Feasibility Study – Moose River Consolidated
  • 43-101 Pre-Feasibility Study – Moose River Phase 2
  • 43-101 Pre-Feasibility Study – Moose River Consolidated – 2019 Pre-Feasibility
  • 2016-2020 Commissioning and Engineering Support
  • 2020 Feasibility Study – Fifteen Mile Stream
  • 2021 Ongoing Mining Engineering Support to operations


Moose Mountain Technical Services (MMTS) is an ongoing partner with Atlantic Gold Corporation (AGC), working together on the development of the Moose River Consolidated Project (MRC). Through the years, MMTS has conducted several scoping studies to help AGC make critical decisions on project development direction. MMTS has also aided AGC with NI43-101 compliance on all of AGC’s publicly reported deposits.In 2014 we published AGC’s maiden PEA on the Touquoy, Beaver Dam and Cochrane Hill deposits.In 2015 we assisted on their NI43-101 Feasibility Study, focused on mine engineering and financials at the Touquoy and Beaver Dam deposits. The results of this positive study lead to the financing and construction of the Touquoy deposit in 2016, and first gold poured in 2017. MMTS has also assisted with detailed mine engineering through the construction period and first year of operations at Touquoy.In 2018 we assisted on their NI43-101 Pre-Feasibility Study, focused on mine engineering and financials at the 15 Mile Stream and Cochrane Hill deposits. In 2018 and 2019 we assisted on their NI 43-101 Pre-Feasibility Studies, focused on mine engineering and financials at the 15 Mile Stream and Cochrane Hill deposits, as well as updated planning for the Touquoy and Beaver Dam; all leading to the profitable sale of the resource/reserves/operations to St Barbara. MMTS continues to provide ongoing support to operations.

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