4 Greenland Resources


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Project Details:

Location: Greenland
Resource: Molybdenum
Services: Mine Engineering, 2006 PFS, 2008 Feasibility Study, Engineering Studies
Year: 2006-2020

Project Scope:

  • 2006 Pre-Feasibility Study
  • 2008 Feasibility Study
  • 2008-2020 Internal Engineering Studies
  • 2022 Feasibility Study (in progress)
  • https://greenlandresources.ca/


Moose Mountain Technical Services (MMTS) is an ongoing partner with Greenland Resources Inc (GRI), working together on the development of the Malmbjerg Molybdenum Project in eastern Greenland.

MMTS has been involved with the Malmbjerg project for nearly 15 years. Our expertise in innovative mine operation planning in remote mountaintop environments and extreme winter operating conditions has kept us engaged with various ownership groups over the years. We were responsible for the Mine Engineering in the 2008 Feasibility study that led to an exploitation license. The project never advanced with the downturn in Molybenum prices. The project has since changed hands and MMTS has been engaged by GRI to update the Feasibility Study and assist with logistics and strategic production scheduling for an optimal cash flow.

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